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Next time you encounter issues with your precious rug, don’t hesitate to call us.


Area Rug Cleaning & Repair in Huntington Beach California

Read about our decades of experience cleaning area rugs throughout Orange County, California. We look forward to tackling your next difficult job!

rea Rugs can vary greatly in quality and size. They are made all over the world with different fibers, using many different types of color dyes. Because of this, we respectfully decline cleaning Delicate or specialty area rugs made with silk or other natural fibers that require a dry cleaning service.

We do clean nylon, polyester, olefin/polypropylene and wool area rugs. We pre-treat the area, just as in our carpet cleaning service, before we clean the area rug. We carefully extract the dirt and soil with a gentle fabric rinse and thoroughly dry the fibers, leaving the area rug slightly damp but fresh and clean. There will be more info to come regarding the cleaning process and helpful hints to help you.


A rug is one of the most important pieces in a house.  They can be the focal point of a room or the art for the floor. Basically, a room without a rug feels empty. However, rugs can become worn and frayed after years of usage. But you can’t just throw away a special piece just because of its minor flaws. Calling for a trusted rug repair company in Huntington Beach, California will save your precious rug.


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Spills and stains are one of the common causes of rug problem. They are practically inevitable and no matter how quick you are to dry and clean the rug, liquids will still penetrate the fiber. Another cause of rug problem is the excessive accumulation of dust, dirt and debris. Overtime, microscopic particles accumulate into the rug causing bare spots, loose fibers, even holes in the rug.

The Carpet Specialist in Huntington Beach, California offers rug repair. We will restore and repair your rug to make it look brand new. We deliver excellent service for our clients around the area. The people at The Carpet Specialist are friendly yet professional.

Next time you encounter issues with your precious rug, don’t hesitate to call us. It is always best to have your rug repaired as early as possible to prevent further damage. Not only will the repair be easier and quicker but also cheaper to carry out. So, if you have any issues with your rug, give us a ring and we will accommodate you immediately!

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