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Whatever your issues are, we can help. Our powerful, truck-mounted steam cleaning system can handle almost any job.


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The Specialist Carpet Cleaning has cleaned many different carpets in many different homes and offices throughout the years. After thousands of carpet cleanings, there isn’t much that we have not seen. Whatever your issues are, we can help. Our powerful, truck-mounted steam cleaning system can handle almost any job. We can clean the carpet in almost any building, from large commercial buildings to small offices under four stories tall, as well as almost any apartment, condo or home.

The following is a short summary of what to expect on the day of your carpet cleaning:

Upon our arrival, the owner, Rich will greet you, prepared to listen and assess your carpet cleaning needs. Initially, we perform a thorough inspection, checking for issues such as busy traffic areas, bleach stains, pet urine stains or any other carpet dilemmas that may concern you. We pride ourselves in our attention to details and personal service. We will give you an estimate of what you would like completed the day of your service which involves the inspection and measurement of the area(s) to be cleaned.

We request that you please open windows, move small items and clear a pathway so that we have an open area to perform our job. In addition, please have an outside water source (spigot) available so we may connect to the fresh water.

We utilize a Pro Chem truck-mounted steam cleaning system which uses hot water extraction. Hot water extraction cleaning (steam-cleaning) is what the leading carpet manufacturers recommend to professionally clean your carpets.

Before we begin, we will apply corner guards to protect the paint on your walls, where needed and we will secure our hoses whenever possible.

To begin with, we will pre-spray all areas included in your estimate/quote and pre-treat small spots with potential issues. Heavy traffic and spotted areas are agitated to uplift and break up soil and other debris. We use a non-toxic, dye/color/fragrance free, oxygenated carpet rinse which breaks up and removes the dirt, leaving your carpet clean and residue free. During the cleaning we take special care to tuck in any edges of your carpet and trim up the loose fibers. We always wipe up any hard-surface areas, such as tile, before exiting so that any moisture, footprints or debris are not left behind. We ensure that your carpet is not only clean, sanitary and healthy but extremely appealing to the eye as well.


We'll do everything we can to make sure your happy with our services.

Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning Services In Huntington Beach

Do you always experience sneezing? Or maybe a sudden coughing fit? Guess what? You may be experiencing some allergies and the culprit is right under your feet. Yes, your comfy shag carpet may be the culprit behind you and your children’s non-stop sneezing and coughing at home.

Carpet is a virtual magnet for allergens and can cause significant health risks if they are not properly cleaned. Dust mites, pet dander, particle pollution, and other microbes can cause allergies especially to people with hypersensitive immune system. Children love to sit and play on a soft and furry carpet but it can also be a health hazard for them if not properly maintained.

If you are around Huntington Beach, California, you need professional carpet cleaning services to eliminate these harmful properties. Regular vacuum cleaning may not be enough to get rid of all the dirt and harmful pollutants in your carpet.

What are the benefits of carpet cleaning services?

Carpet cleaning services help eliminates trapped pollutants which regular vacuums can’t do. Professionals have specially designed tools and treatment to keep your carpet nice and clean.
Carpet cleaning services clear out dust mite infestations in your homes. You may have dust mite infestation in your homes without even realizing it. Professionals utilize techniques such as steam cleaning that uses high temperature which dust mite can’t survive.

It also helps prevent mold growth in your carpet because they use high-powered drying tools that annihilate moisture. Mold growth develops especially if your carpet is exposed to a high humidity level area.
Dirty carpet is not healthy for your family especially for children. Hire a professional to clean your carpet at least once a year. The Carpet Specialist offers carpet cleaning services in areas around Huntington Beach, California. Whatever carpet issues you have, we can help you. Have your carpet cleaned by a pro. Call us now and book an appointment!

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